Yasashii (RPED by NachoThePikachu)

Rank: Rogue
Appearance: A she-cat with a bicolored pelt, her main fur color is a snowy white while her secondary is a light milky caramel. The underside of her belly is white, along with the underside of her neck and tail. Her muzzle is also white, and she has a healthy pink nose. Her tail is long and wavy, and her fur is somewhat long, with small scruffs of fur on the top of her head and the sides of her face. Her whiskers are thin and medium in length. Paws are also white with the rest of her pelt being said secondary color. Her eyes are a clear Sky-Blue. A very unique and beautiful cat overall.
Personality: While she is an experienced outdoor cat with no owner, she tends to come off gentle and weak. Despite her calm demeanor, she is a cat that is perfectly capable of hunting and fending for herself, including fighting off other cats that attempt to harm or intrude on her space. She's a bit mischievous in a way, but only does it to bond close with others and possibly join a clan. Loyal and forgiving in nature, this gentle cat longs for comfort from a close friend. She tries to make herself seem strong and independent by not giving in quickly, but she would rather be ruled over than be alone.
History: Born on the outskirts of a faroff town, her mother, a stray cat, raised her and the rest of her siblings until they were of age to leave the safety of their parent. Many of her siblings died in the danger of the wild, but Yasashii didn't. She's one of the fastest cats around, and she is very agile. She roams alone in search of a clan to call her own.
Family: Known, but current location is unknown.


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