Wren (RPED by BCEngine)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: Like Zebedee, she is black but with a white mask and long, white tipped ears. She has bright blue eyes.
Personality: More energetic than her brother, but can be just as silent as him.. She has a slim build, making her an excellent hunter. She's generally friendly and gregarious, though sometimes can be a bit irritating when she'll wander off without a trace. She is also known to be a bit devious, and is very seducing with her blue eyes. Because of her frame, this causes her to be a bit weaker at fighting. Despite her wandering, she loves her brother and will defend him at all costs.
History: Born and raised a loner. His parents are long gone due to greencough, but has a brother, Zebedee.
Family: All deceased except for brother, Zebedee. Both are the same age.


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