Wolf (RPED by Potatoes1076)

Rank: Dark Forest Warrior
Appearance: Huge, dark grey tabby she-cat with amber eyes, sharp claws and canine-like teeth.
Personality: She is cold and heartless, evidenced by her enjoyment of killing cats. She is also sly and cruel and never backs down from a fight. She doesn't believe in loyalty or rules. Her mate told her about StarClan and the Dark Forest, and that is why she is now in the Dark Forest.
History: When Wolf was a kit, her father beat her to near death daily, every time she recovered, he would beat her again. He would also yell at her, calling her weak and useless. Her mother tried to stop him, but he killed her after she attacked him. He continued to beat Wolf, and deprived her of food, until she grew cold and heartless. She would attack cats, and steals kits and prey. During the battle Between DeathClan and NightClan, she continued fighting, even after Star was dead, until she was killed by Moonheart. She now resides in the Dark Forest.
Family: Mate: Gingerclaw
Death: Killed by Moonheart


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