Winnie (RPED by Blastoisestar)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: Winnie is a she-cat who has a big, soft furry coat, which is suitable for her to keep warm. Also, her paws are very smooth and soft, easy for her to run on. Her pelt is silver with sapphire, ocean blue eyes, along with pointed ears. Winnie's fur is known to gleam in the midnight sky. She is notably one of the most beautiful she-cats around. Unfortunately, one of her eyes is blind from abuse of a past twoleg owner.
Personality: Winnie is a really kind young she-cat who loves company of a nice twoleg. She is very frightened of things and is very shy. Normally, she hides in corners if trouble comes by. Being really neurotic, she realizes on herself but needs company of someone to be loved by.
History: Winnie was born as a kit in a twoleg home. Her twoleg owner would abuse her physically once a day, which she became very weak from. Unfortunately, her left eye became blind from abuse. Luckily, local animal policeman came by and took Winnie from her owner, putting her in an adoption center. She was stuck there for two years, but one day a nice old lady, whose named was Bessie, came by and adopted her happily. Winnie loved Bessie so much and always wanted to be around her. Sadly, Bessie died from cancer, where Winnie once again became lonely. She was more sad of when she got abuse, as she loved Bessie so much. Winnie now walks around the fields near NightClan camp, not knowing warriors lurk inside it.
Family: N/A

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