Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Black and white she-cat. All of her pelt has the two colours mixed together, except for tail, which is only white.
Personality: On the outside, Willowfur appears to enjoy being the centre of attention, but on the inside, all she wants is for somecat to love her. She's very chatty, which can sometimes drive others away. She gets really upset when she loses a friend. She always likes to be in things and likes to have a say. She doesn't like being told what to do by other warriors, but she is fiercely loyal, and will obey any command given by the leader or the deputy.
History: Willowfur was Clan-born. She got her name because her mother went in to labour while outside of camp looking for some fresh air, and thus, was forced to give birth under a willow tree. She was the first cat of the litter, so got the name Willowkit, in memory of her birthplace.
Family: Unknown


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