Whitepaw (RPED by Warriorfan123)

Rank: Apprentice
Appearance: black-and-white she-cat with yellow-ish eyes. She has a short, stubby tail and rather awkwardly big paws.
Personality: Whitepaw is very conscious of her unattractive and slightly repulsive appearance. She tries to fit in and be 'normal', a little too hard at times. She's very eager-to-please and really envies the 'beautiful' cats who get all the attention. She wishes she was pretty and smart, like everyone else, since she's a bit slow in her thinking process.
History: Whitepaw's father was unknown, and her mother left her at birth. She doesn't know the identity of either parents, and no one wants to tell her. She grew up under a foster mother, then went into apprenticeship under normal circumstances.
Family: Unknown father and mother, no siblings.
Mentor: N/A



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