Vokki (RPED by FrostyBee123)

Rank: rogue
Appearance: Slightly brown, grey she cat with dark spirals along her sides and small lines coming from the corners of her eyes to the back of her ears. She is an American longhair. Peircing blue eyes that seem to slightly glow. Long, dark claws. Beneath her long fur, she's very strong and agile.
Personality: Mood changes very quickly. Very insistent and dertermined, sometimes to the point where she's a little stubborn. Quite bright and smart, and a quick thinker. Hates NightClan. She is nicer to rogues and loners than she is to clan cats, but she prefers to stay alone and is very cold and iscolated, and can be taken off as harsh and mean. Her cold behaviour can often be mistaken as aggressive, though she does not attack unless provoked. She has a liking for blood.
History: Vokki hates NightClan because when her mother, Sky, accidentally wandered onto the clan territory, one of the warriors accidentally dealed a blow more forcefully than they meant to and Sky died. Vokki's dad died three moons before she was born and no one knows how. Scared, Vokki ran away after her mother's demise and found herself in the alley. There she was found by a black she-cat - who just happens to be Checkers mom XD - and the cat tried to make her a kittypet. Much like the clan cats, Vokki despises being locked up, only being allowed out when someone says so, only eating when allowed, etc. She refused and when the she-cat continued Vokki attacked her and ran away. She later came back to the alley and made herself known there, teaching herself to fight and hunt properly.
Family: Deceased


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