Turtleheart (RPED by .Cinderflight)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Sleek yet longfurred golden ginger tabby she-cat with dark stripes, highly defined at the spine and forehead, slightly crooked paws, and slanting olive green eyes that blind her from time to time.
Personality: Turtleheart is sweet, helpful, and very intelligent. She is a quick learner, and is unique in some ways. Her paws can't move around as well as others, but she still has a fiery spirit to do the best she can. Her eyesight can also cloud out at times. She has a colder side to her, and that comes up when she is extremely annoyed... which happens almost every time.
History: She was born as a loner, but was carried in by NightClan after she became at the age of six moons old. The clan had saved Turtle from a badger. She became an apprentice, and trained in the clan, determined to show her worth to the clan. Later on, she had ran away from the clan life, frusterated by the warrior code and how much she had to give to prove that she deserved her warrior name. She then returned to the clan after a long time of hunting and training by herself, and after proving herself in the assessment, they had named her warrior, by the name of Turtleheart.
Family: N/A
Apprentices: Twilightblaze (became a warrior)




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