Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Brown, thick fur with dark black stripes. White throat, muzzle, and paws. Piercing green eyes. Slightly rounded ears with black tufts of fur at the tips. Thick, bushy tail and an M-shaped mark on forehead.
Personality: Friendly to those who are close to him but finds it hard to trust most. Vicious fighter who will pounce and claw at anything he sees as a threat. Has a tiger-like attitude and short temper.
History: Betrayed by one he called a friend years ago so now finds it difficult to trust anyone. Half-clan.
Family: Son of Bramblestar of ThunderClan and Maplefur of RiverClan. Joined NightClan because neither ThunderClan nor RiverClan fully trusted him for being half-Clan.

No apprentice yet!

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