Thymepaw (RPED by BCEngine)

Rank: Apprentice
Appearance: Dark grey she-cat with bright green eyes.
Personality: Inquisitive, likes to ask questions, but can be a bit hyper at times and a bit sensitive. Tends to overreact sometimes. Kind and open to others, but she can become fierce and scary when needed.
History: Thymepaw was abandoned by her mother at four moons, and wandered around the woods half-starved where she was discovered by two loners named Wren and Zebedee. Thymepaw never knew their names, but they nursed her back to health, decided that she would be better off in the Clans, so they led her to the stream and told her to cross it. Once she crossed into clan territory, she knew she felt at home, and soon after joined the Clan.
Family: None
Mentor: Icefoot


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