Thornpelt (RPED by Tanglefrost)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Golden tabby tom with green eyes and multiple battle scars in various places.
Personality: Thornpelt is very battle hungry. He's always looking for a fight, provoking other cats and has a bad habit of taking things too far. That being said, he is extremely loyal to his Clan, probably even too loyal. Thornpelt absolutely despises loners and rogues, even those who live in his Clan. He is often patrolling the territory and will start a fight with any loner or rogue he finds. He is very argumentative and stubborn and always believes he is right, especially when it comes to loners. He is loyal to Stormstar, but believes she is too soft on loners, and wants to be Leader. Despite his aggressive personality, deep down, everything Thornpelt does he believes if the best for NightClan. He loves his daughters, even though he is furious with Mouse for betraying the Clan.
History: Thornpelt has not always hated non-Clan cats.He was actually very tolerant and understanding, until one day, when a rogue killed his mate shortly after she had given birth to his kits. From then on, he developed a hatred for rogues and loners, which only escalated after his daighter, Fernshade was attacked. Thornpelt was exiled from the Clan at one stage for killing a loner for no reason, in a completely unprovoked attack. Thornpelt continued to destroy the cat, long after it had already died, to the point where its body was almost unrecognisable. Despite Thornpelt pleading insanity, as this happened not long after his mate died, Ivystar banished him from the Clan, because behaviours like that weren't what her CLan was about. However, Stormwind sympathised with him, and shortly after she became leader, she invited him back into the Clan.
Family: Daughters: Fernshade (living, NightClan Warrior), Mouse (living, loner [former NightClan Warrior])
Apprentices: N/A


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