Thorncloud (RPED by Phoenix Flight)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Thorncloud is a small, very pale grey tom with soft blue eyes. His chest and paws are a very faint white. He is rather short, and he looks like an apprentice because of this. His fur is short and sleek, like Thistlestorm's, without the thicker patches. He is physically weak, and can't run long distances without stopping every few minutes to rest.
Personality: Thorncloud is very smart and is always looking for something to learn about. He is laid-back, but not exactly relaxed. He is often blamed for Thistlestorm's jokes, and always gets the punishments. For this reason, he tries to avoid his brother, but it never works. He is completely different from Thistlestorm, despite them being brothers: he isn't a flirt, he isn't a pacifist (though he doesn't prefer to fight), and doesn't make jokes. He hates competitions, because he's a horrible fighter and hunter. He gives up very easily when he feels like it's needed, and hates when someone drags him back into something.
History: Thorncloud was born alongside Thistlestorm in the Clan. He lead a mostly-normal life, going from kit to apprentice. He was surprised when Thistlestorm decided to train as medicine cat, but he predicted that he'd switch to warrior apprentice. The first night he slept in the warriors' den, Thistlestorm placed a beetle in the deputy's nest, but Thorncloud was blamed for it and got in major trouble. He was assigned to apprentice duties for one moon, but now he's cleared of the punishment.
Family: Thistlestorm (brother, alive)
Apprentices: None

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