Thistlestorm (RPED by Phoenix Flight)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Thistlestorm is a dark-grey tom with small paws and a lithe build. His fur is short and sleek, except on his neck and tail, where it thickens out. His underbelly, chest, muzzle, and front paws are white, and his chest has a dapple of grey on it, right under his throat. A small tuft of white fur sits on his forehead. He has wide, clear blue eyes, that seem to pierce through skin.
Personality: Thistlestorm is a huge flirt. He claims that it's his job to hit on she-cats, though he is often shot down. He is always happy and smiles all the time. He loves winning and will do anything to do so, but when he loses he gains a secret grudge against the cat he lost to... unless it's a she-cat. He loves making friends and does anything he can to make them happy, even if it means embarrassing himself. He claims he doesn't know the words "give up", and he's always determined. Sometimes, when he jokes around with others (especially his brother Thorncloud), he can go too far and cause them to get annoyed with him. He doesn't like hostility, and would rather talk instead of fight. Thorncloud claims he's "such a pacifist he couldn't even hurt a mouse". In stressful situations, he can become short-tempered and irritated, and will argue no matter what.
History: Thistlestorm was born alongside Thorncloud in the Clan. He lead a mostly-normal life, going from kit to apprentice. For a moon he trained as a medicine cat, but decided that he hated it. He switched to warrior apprentice, and liked that a lot more, even though he knew he'd have to fight at some time. The first night he slept in the warriors' den, he placed a beetle in the deputy's nest and blamed Thorncloud for it, getting him in major trouble.
Family: Thorncloud (brother, alive)
Apprentices: None

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