"Snows are like stars! T-they can hear us, like they're StarClan. Leaf-bare... leafbare has been giving us a wonderful gift, and we've been ignoring it the whole time. Leaf-bare may be cold and dark, but that doesn't mean there isn't any good to it, no! Maybe leaf-bare is cold because almost nobody likes it. We can have a happy leaf-bare if we look upon it as good luck... We all see Newleaf, Leaf-fall, a-and Greenleaf as happy seasons. Can't Leaf-bare be happy, too? Winter is important and I know it! Even if it seems useless, it can give us amazing things, so..." -Cherrykit to Yellowshade

story competition!

1st place : Robo
2nd place : Misty
3rd place : Winx

Judges: Jet, Brighty, Firey and Ginger

poetry competition!

1st place : Ginger
2nd place : Loud
3rd place : Strikeh

Judges: Rainy and Tangle

Couple of the Season:
Brokensoul X Dyingspirit

Nominated by Spotty!

Congratulations to Jet for winning the cat competition with Nighty! And to After for getting second place!

Nighty (RPED by Jetfeather)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: 14 moons old, a black she-cat with silver-blue eyes.
Personality: Nightshade is an initially friendly and welcoming she-cat, with an excessive load of kindness and compassion which she displays to any and most others. She displays her main mask of an acerbically outgoing, loyal, mostly law-abiding, compassionate cat who is incredibly determined to complete anything she's decided she'll do. Her mask likes abusing loopholes, and is very optimistic, insightful and mischievous. In addition to this, she is polite, slightly naive, timid and intelligent. This mask is also composed, modest and shy. Underneath her mask, however, reveals an over-worried, paranoid character who suffers from borderline personality disorder. An example of one of her personalities is a naturally naively friendly she-cat with an unnatural obsession with anime and countries, while another is cautiously compassionate with a tendency to hold her grudges for an excessively long time.
History: She was born as a kittypet, but eventually broke free of the restraints of having a human owner and went to live as a loner who preferred stealing kittypet food to killing the woodland creatures that lived near her home. She was offered a standing in the nearby NightClan, but felt she wasn't ready for the restraints that followed the act of wholly obeying the Warrior Code to the letter.
Family: Has various siblings that were given to other owners to take care of

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