The Nightly

This is the Nightly, brought to you by your Rainy and the users of the wiki on the latest news of the Clan as well as contests and their winners.

The season is newleaf.


Quote of the Season:

"Listen- Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift from StarClan, which is why we call it the present. Be in the present moment. The past does not matter now. -Gingerstripe to Yellowpaw

New in NightClan

There is both good news and bad news this season. One of our elders, Appleshine, has passed away. Meltfeather has also left us. And an incoming danger with rogues has led us to send our cats on a new quest. However, there is good news too. Many cats have been apprenticed, or become warriors. Several kittypets/loners have joined our Clan. Stormstar, Swiftsand, and Brookwhisper are healthy and well to continue leading our Clan, and are doing an excellent job. NightClan grows strong during this time of plenty, and prepares for a greenleaf full of abundance and fun.

The Quest
The newleaf quest cats will be off to face a new challenge. Rogues have been hunting on NightClan territory, and refuse to listen to reason. The questing cats will have to find their hideoutt and chase them away for good. To do that, they'll face a lot of danger, and unfamiliar territory. Wish them luck!

Questing Cats:

Crys with Twilightblaze(Group Leader)

Lilly with Canadaheart(Group Deputy)

Rainy with Rainsplash

Darky with Freezepaw

Jet with Stormfire

Strike with Hurricanestorm

Spot with Thornpaw

Kitty with Sliverpaw

Feather with Blackpaw

Ginger with Gingerstripe

Creek with Frostclaw

Brighty with Brightsong

Hawky with Hawkmask

BCEngine with Thymepaw

Rhi-Yalo with Bluestripe

Misty with Shadepaw

Broken with Firepaw

Zeta with Nightstorm

Suji500 with Cloudfur

Tangle with Thornpelt

Spotty with Ivypaw

Mist with Primpaw

Cinder with Cloverwhisker

Fuzzy with Whisperpaw

Ash with Hailstorm

Moss with Beechclaw

The Contests!
Cutest Couple of the Season:

HAILXRAIN- This adorable couple has already helped each other through one quest, and now prepare to embark on their second quest together.

This Season's Contest:

We're going to change things up this season! This season's contest will be for the GRUMPIEST cat. Leave entries here.

Spoof #1


Whiteclaw:WHY on Earth are you singing a leafbare twoleg song in a NEWLEAF spoof?

Willowisp: We're in a Newleaf spoof?

Whiteclaw: *Facepalm* Yes, yes we are. Gosh, Willowwisp, you gotta get out more. See? look. The twolegs out there are looking at these words we're saying right now and are picturing us talking like this! *Takes breath*

Willowisp:Wow! HI STOOPID TWOLEGS! Ya, Whiteclaw calls you stoopid twolegs ALL THE TIME right Whiteclaw? *Taps screen of computer smiling*

Whiteclaw: *backhands* shut up!


Whiteclaw: *backhands*

Willowwisp:Wait... I...

Whiteclaw: *Backhands with both paws* You know every time you talk I'm gonna keep doing this.

Willowwisp:Oh, and by the way, I think some of the Twolegs that are reading this right now got off of their rumps and are coming to the forest right behind their homes to capture us. Just saying :3

Whiteclaw: O_O *anime sweatdrop* Ok... CLAN ITS TIME TO RUN! *All run out of camp*

Willowwisp: But what about the...

Whiteclaw: *Drags Willowwisp off of camp with cane*

- Thanks to BC Engine!

Spoof #2

Shadepaw: Did you hear that?

Silvershine: Hear what? All I hear is your stomache grumbling like StarClan.

Shadepaw: No, over there behind that bush!

(A very fat white Tom is padding through the trees.)

Very fat white Tom: I luv the forest. It's so sunny. :)

Shadepaw: What is that ghastly thing?

Silvershine: That's a kittypet. They live with twolegs.

Shadepaw: Can I pounce on it?

Silvershine: Sure! (Smiles)

(Shadepaw pounces on kittypet)

Kittypet: Oh my! :O

Shadepaw: Take this! Take that! Take some of these!

Kittypet: Ouchies! Your meanie. I'm going home. >:[ (Goes away)

Silvershine: Good job! You deserve a warrior ceremony!

Shadepaw: Yay!

Fangstar: Let all cats who feel like it come join beneath the highstone cuz I said so!

(Everyone comes but Creakybones)

Creakybones: Meh.

Fangstar: Shadepaw today whipped Kittypet hiney, so I'm giving him is warrior name.

Shadepaw: Yayzers!

Fangstar: Before I give you your name, I must get StarClan's approval. Whiskerpelt, what does StarClan say?

Whiskerpelt: They say it's a terrible idea.

Fangstar: Who asked them? Your warrior name is Shadewhipkittypethiney!

Everyone: Shadewhipkittypethiney! Shadewhipkittypethiney! Shadewhipkittypethiney!

Shadewhipkittypethiney!: YAY!

Silvershine: O.O

-Thanks to Ravenstream!


Comic -By Misty


Ad #1

Tangle has started a Big Brother NightClan series! Visit his talk page for more info! This is sure to be a hit. :)

Ad #2



The Clan that needs, members, cats, & admins.

The Clan that needs YOU.

Contact Ginger for more information.

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