NightClan's Camp includes:

The Leader's Den - A tree fell down a while ago, and, after being hollowed out by the wind and the rain, it became the leader's den. Soft moss carpets the ground while draping vines twist around the outside. A narrow path leads from the camp and back. Stormstar sleeps here.

The Medicine Cat's Den - A large, broken tree branch was caught in between some rocks, creating the perfect medicine cat's den. There's a clear pool in one side, and a crevice to store herbs. A path through some brambles leads in and out. The medicine cat and the medicine cat's apprentice sleep here.

The Warriors' Den - A sycamore tree's long branches, woven through with brambles keep the warriors dry and warm. The senior warriors sleep in the middle, while younger warriors sleep along the edge of the den. Fresh moss is always covering the ground, one of an apprentice's daily jobs. The warriors and the deputy sleep here.

The Apprentices' Den - A group of sweet-scented ferns create the apprentices' den, located in between the nursery and the warriors' den. It too is kept covered with moss, and the apprentices are responsible for keeping it fresh.The apprentices sleep here

The Nursery - A thick tangle of brambles, the nursery keeps queens and kits warm and safe, with only a narrow tunnel leading in and out. It's kept always covered with soft moss and feathers, and kits often have a part of it to build a playing wall. The Clan's queens and kits sleep here.

The Elders' Den - A fallen tree, much like the leader's den, provides shelter for the Clan's elders. Twisting ivy keeps out the wind and the rain, and apprentices make sure that the ground is always covered with moss. The elders stay here for much of the day.

You can walk out to the middle of camp.

Or, you can go out to the territory.