Rank: Warrior
Appearance: A delicate, small pure-white cat with green eyes, has lost an ear, thanks to an abusive Twoleg.
Personality: Sweetlily has long since perfected a doll-like facade. She is usually kind, sweet, and incredibly innocent. However, when thrust into a fighting position, she can easily take down cats four times her size with her wit and vicious claws.
History: Sweetlily was born into an abusive Twoleg family. Eigth months after her birth, her mother and her sister left the Twoleg's house in search of a clan in the woods. Soon into their journey they encountered a vicious badger who killed Sweetlily's mother and her sister. Sweetlily killed the badger but did not escape without a scratch, as she lost her left ear thanks to the badger. She soon reached Nightclan.
Family: N/A


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