Sunstep (RPED by Bluestar&Brightheart)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Sunstep is a ginger she-cat with light ginger patches all over her body. She has chocolate brown eyes, and for her age, a small stature. She has always been very small, and will continue to be
Personality: Sunstep is very smart, and uses this to her advantage. In the past, she did use this to manipulate many cats, and she ended up almost killing everyone. While she's smart, she's also feisty, and many mistake her brains for evil. While she's slightly anti-social, she considers herself better than many cats at being friendly. She's never been that optimistic about life, as she lost everyone close to her, due to her own mistakes. Sunstep remains very indepentdant to this day.
History: Her mother was never that friendly towards her, leaving Sunstep relationship to blossom with her father. She fought with her sister many times, and never maintained the best relationship with her. After her father died, she began planning many things, only to have them all fail in the end. Except one.
Family: Mother: Flareshadow (deceased), Father: Sleetfoot (deceased), Sister: Snowshimmer (deceased)
Apprentices: None


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