Sunhawk (RPED by Sarah.H-B)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: ining gold Tom with white eyes, black paws, and a red tail.
Personality: unhawk is dedicated to serving his clan, and is sometimes depressed, mainly because he often thinks of his parents. He is also very lonely, and doesn't take strangers lightly. History: Sunhawk was born in to NightClan, And his parents were later killed by humans.
History: Sunhawk was born seven moons ago, by Darkfoot (father), and Yellowdapple (mother). He became an apprentice a few moons ago, shortly following a brutal snowstorm. After the storm, Sunpaw was on a patrol with his mother and father, and stepped out into the roadway. A snowplow flew past, leaving two gored bodies; his parents.
Family: Deceased
Apprentices: Unknown


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