Sundapple (RPED by Emeraldfire8)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Beautiful tortoiseshell she-cat w/ white dapples here and there, and sparkling, leaf green eyes.
Personality: Sundapple is the nicest cat you could ever meet. She cannot be rude, even if she tried to be. She is very, very kind, and loving, to every cat in the forest. Sundapple is also very tactical, and smart, and if you wanted her to battle, she would be the one to plan it. She likes kits more than anything.
History: Sundapple was born to Dragonstar and Shimmerwhisker, from FlashClan. Her mother and siblings soon got jealous of her green eyes, so they kicked her out. Hoping for some place to go, she just stayed in the wild, until she met Sprint, a rogue, an decided to take on a rogue name to(Dapple). Sundapple and her mate stumbled upon NightClan, and she took a name of Sundapple, and Sprint was named Lionflame before he left, taking her and his kits with him. Since then she has always wanted new kits.
Family: Dragonstar(Father, another clan), Shimmerwhisker(Mother), Songheart, Fallenoak(Siblings).
Apprentices: N/A


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