Summerbreeze (RPED by Cinderstarz)

Rank: Queen
Appearance: A rose-cream furred she-cat. (pregnant)
Personality: Summerbreeze is sweet, motherly, and loving. She enjoys being around kits, and is expecting some of her own. She doesn't like fighting or unsheathing her claws, so she has decided to stay in the nursery, even after her kits are apprenticed. But that doesn't mean that she won't defend the nursery when the time comes. Summerbreeze can be extremely fierce if trouble reaches the kits. She cares for all the kits as if they were her own.
History: Summerbreeze is a clanborn cat. She didn't know her parents for very long because they died when she was very young. As an apprentice, she was very shy, but also a good hunter and fighter. When she learned that she was going to have kits, she spoke to Stormstar about staying in the nursery permanently. The warrior life was not for her.
Family: Mother and Father: deceased, Mate: Wrenfeather
Kits: none yet, close to kitting

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