Stumppaw (RPED by .Dawnshadow)

Rank: Apprentice
Appearance: Stumppaw is a reddish-blond tom with bright blue eyes with an abrupt end to his tail, which makes it seem stumpy.
Personality: Stumppaw is a funny, but shy. Doesn't like to brag or talk to, be noticed or fight strangers, which makes him sometimes reluctant to fight. He is fiery when angry, and doesn't like to be interrupted.
History: Stumppaw is an ex-loner. As an older kit, he was alone, and hunted for himself. He eventually found NightClan when he was looking for prey somewhere, and they took pity on him. His former name was Patrick. Stumppaw was chosen for him because of the stumpy end to his tail.
Family: Unknown
Mentor: TBA

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