Strongtail (RPED by Cinderstarz)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Handsome ginger tom with a long tail and green eyes.
Personality: Strongtail is very energetic and eager. He loves to be outside, on patrols or going hunting. He always asks Stormstar to give him a duty. Sitting around is not his favorite hobby. He is also kind and caring to his mother, sister, and Cinderfrost.
History: His father, Shard never liked him. To Shard, Strongtail was an outcast. Since Shard was a kittypet, he never felt any connection to Strongtail. When Shard and Strongtail met, Shard disowned him. They never saw each other since that day. Strongtail was an apprentice when Cinderfrost joined NightClan. He immediately took a liking to the beautiful she-cat, and gradually fell in love with her.
Family: Petalfeather (mother) Shard (father) Fernwing (sister)
Apprentices: none

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