Stripekit (RPED by Spottedstar02)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: He is a white tom with light gray stripes and ice blue eyes.
Personality: He is kind and caring. He often gets bullied because of his size and stature. He gets sick often and he is the weakest kit from his litter, and is probably one of the weakest kits in the nursery.
History: He was born into the Clan to two loving parents. His life was good for one moon until then something bad happened. His parents were off hunting far away from camp by the alley and they were attacked by rogues. They fought hard, but were killed and their corpses were eaten by crows. The worst thing was Stripekit wanted to explore so he followed his parents and he hid in a bush and watched as his parents were killed and eaten. He ran back to camp. Nobody knew that he had left camp and saw his parents die. A hunting patrol found what was left of his parents the next day. He is two moons old now,and nobody knows his secret.
Family: Parents: Unknown (Deceased), Sister: Dawnkit, Brother: Thunderkit
Mother: Unknown


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