Stratus (RPED by Wetstream)

Rank: Rogue
Appearance: Grey and white tom with striking yellow eyes.
Personality: He is a very calm cat on the outside, who keeps sangfroid even in moments of desperation. He is not amused by much, and seems bored of the life around him. He grows angry whenever another rogue messes with his sister, and defends her from any threat. He grows flustered at times when his built up anger turns against him.
History: He was born as a kitty-pet with his three sisters and mother. When abandoned on the streets, he lived as a loner with his mother and siblings. One of his siblings, Misty, left them and they lost her whereabouts. His mother and sister, Nibbles, decided to try to find new Housefolk, but after moons of living as a loner Stratus declined. He took his other sister, Frosty, and left his family. They lived as rogues, stealing prey and fighting to stay alive. Stratus always believed he had to protect his sister, even though she was probably a better fighter than him.
Family: Mother: Lilac, Sisters: Nibbles, Frosty, Miststripe (formally Misty)


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