Stormyblaze (RPED by Gingerstripe)

Rank: Dark Forest Warrior
Appearance: A silver she-cat with scars and a charred ear, with the same eyes as Birchshade-brown.
Personality: Sneaky and sly, Stormyblaze is a thiefy style with a iron paw and stingy tounge.
History: She was clanborn,and when she met Clawpaw, she fell in love. He died, and Stormyblaze was due his kits. She birthed Birchshade, Copperkit and Hazelkit. Copperkit died, and after Birchshade's warrior ceremony, he killed a warrior in cold blood and was exiled. Stormyblaze, who adored her dark son, killed her daughter Hazelfur. Hazelfur's lover mudered her, and she now is a resident of Dark Forest with Clawpaw and her son.
Family: Birchshade(son) Clawpaw(mate) Copperkit, Hazelfur (daughters).
Death: Murdered.

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