Stormpaw (RPED by Avalanchestrike)

Rank: Apprentice
Appearance: He is a handsome, dark tabby tom with blue-gray eyes and a white lightning-bolt shaped marking on forehead.
Personality: He is a kind, but rather mysterious tom who is extremely intelligent and quiet. He's often reserved and prefers to keep his emotions (and feelings) to himself. He is very independent and prefers to be in solitude or with his few best friends, but he is willing to help anyone. He is protective of anyone close to him- he is fiercely protective of Ivykit -but is somewhat of a social outcast despite being good-looking. He is the nearly perfect tom, but keeps a dark, hidden secret.
History: He was born as Storm to two unknown NightClan cats who ran away from NightClan for some unknown reason. When he was seven moons old, his parents were killed within hours of the birth of his little sister, Ivykit by several rogues, leaving him to raise his little sister alone and develop a deep hatred for rogues (as he wants to avenge his parents' death) until they were taken in by NightClan as they have pure clan-blood.
Family: Parents: Unknown (deceased), Sister: Ivykit
Mentor: N/A


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