Stoneheart (RPED by Cchen3)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Dark gray tom with strong, burly muscles. Contrary to other bulky toms who are more clumsy, he is actually quite agile. He has sleek fur, making him seem more handsome then most.
Personality: He tends to have moodswings, and hates to be contradicted. He has strong feelings about NightClan, but he doesn't think the Clan should be run the way it is. He usually acts as though he doesn't care, but inside, he feels loss and pain, a wave of pain that could never be released or concealed.
History: He may have been Clanborn, but his mother died when she was forced into battle. She may have been doing her "duty", but Stoneheart thought she should have been with him, taking care of him and his family. His father died when a rat attack struck, with an infection too big to heal. Stoneheart blames the medicine cats for his death, and hates going there, even if he has a deep wound. His brother then died with greencough, another fault of the medicine cats. Deep inside, Stoneheart hates the way the Clan has acted, but he knows he has to try to remain loyal. He has a secret fear of dying and exile, despite his dark thoughts about NightClan. He knows it's his home, yet he hates it, but he also wants to stay there forever. He has mixed feelings, and hasn't thought about taking action before.
Family: Deceased
Apprentices: None


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