Steeldrop (RPED by BCEngine)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: A shimmering silver tom with light grey tabby stripes and light but illuminating green eyes. He has dark grey tabby rings around his tail.
Personality: Sweet, kind and lovable but can be lazy and quick to snap
History: Was born a kittypet named Steel and raised by Twolegs with his friend, Echonight (Who was named Elroy). But his owners left one day and never came back. Over that span of time, he had become scared and alone, so he and Echonight wandered into the forest. They came across NightClan cats while fishing at The Stream, desperate for some food. They were taken in, named, and taught the Clan ways. He became Steeldrop and Elroy became Echonight.
Family: Echonight(not technically)
Apprentices: None


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