Spottedwolf (RPED by LadySuzume)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Black-and-white she-cat with green eyes. She has white paws and a white tip at her tail. Spottedwolf is also a very large cat despite being female and has a scar on her nose as well as one on her flank. One of her right ears has a small tear.
Personality: Spottedwolf isn't outwardly friendly but she tolerates company with other cats. She is pragmatic, ambitious and honest, which makes her make multiple sarcastic comments. When provoked, she becomes extremely passionate and isn't afraid to challenge what she believes is right. She tends to prefer to take things into her own paws and wouldn't hesitate to be a leader in any given situation. It takes a long time for her to cement a solid friendship with others and when one is present, she becomes an irreplaceable companion.
History: She was born as a clan kit, the only she-cat of two other brothers, Graykit and Icekit. Though she and Graykit matched in strength and speed, Icekit was always smaller and weaker. It was through Icekit where Spottedwolf learned how to feel compassion and mentorship for younger cats. When they were all apprentices, Icepaw died of greencough which left Spotted with only her brother. When they became warriors, Graypaw became Grayclaw and was killed by a rogue cat in a border skirmish. With the loss of her brothers and her parents (due to natural causes), Spottedwolf became sour and withdrawn. Though some would say she is reckless, she begins to feel that she is no longer held back by blood ties and strives to one day protect her clan as a leader.
Family: Grayclaw (Deceased) Icepaw (Deceased)
Apprentices: None


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