Splashheart (RPED by Tornshine)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: orange she-cat with a white underbelly, black stripes,ears and tail,she has bright green eyes. One of Splashheart's paws has 5 toes, her fur is short and well groomed.
Personality: when not in battle she is a freindly she-cat who dosen't haste to try out somthing new,Splashheart finds pottrols boring and stupid she would rather hunt, she looks at orders as a way to ruin the fun,she hates to do what Stomstar tells her ( Stormstar has to be very strict with her). In battel she is an eficient warrior( which is the only reason she's still in Nightclan). Due to her kittypet backstroy she isn't scared of twolegplace and finds twoleg terotoy as a challenge. Due to an incident back at the kitten mill (the twolegs burned the dead cats bodies, and she-cat that couldn't have kits ) her worst fear is fire ( could be a problem in a wild fire, she will run around yelling " Its all over!!!!!" and die of panic. )
History: Splashheart was just a kittypet, born to Misha and chrip in a litter of 2 moons of age she was called Splash and went to live with a elderly twoleg couple.But one day the twolegs died and Splash went to live on her own.2 moons after the death of her twolegs,Spots was captured by a twoleg who worked at a kitten-mill. She spent a moon in the dread full place, but she managed to escape. Soon afterwards she was adopted by a twoleg family. but she felt like this wasn't the life for her so ever since 6 moons of age, Splash has lived alone, at 12 moons of age she came to nightclan and she is waiting for their answer. She is looking for a mate.
Family: Mother-Misha ( living ); father- chirp ( dead); unknown litter mate
Apprentices: Dipper and Mabel


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