Specks (RPED by Cchen3)

Rank: Loner/Rogue
Appearance: Light brown tabby with emerald green eyes. She has darker brown stripes throughout her body and her tail is ringed by chocolate brown stripes
Personality: She's a fired up she-cat and isn't afraid to speak what she thinks. She's not afraid of the Clan cats, and would fight if she has to to survive. She has up to no friends, but she's heard of "friendly" she-cat rogues such as Frosty and Kitkat. She's rumored to be loyal to her friends and family, but nobody knows that for sure. She's usually hidden somewhere, and doesn't show herself unless necessary. She's afraid of dying, even though she loves to fight and isn't afraid to charge at something unknown. She hates being the boss, she prefers to be the one just fighting. She also hates taking care of others, because she thinks she'll be unable to do so and she'll fail like when she left her parents in the care of the Twolegs.
History: Long ago, her parents were kittypets, but she despied being locked in a place like that, so she decided to escape. She left her parents there, thinking that they wanted that life and they would enjoy it. But when she heard that her mother died and her father was sick and the Twolegs couldn't help him, she regretted her choice. When she had her own kit, Sagekit, she decided to cast him out, in fear that she would be unable to help him.
Family: Son: Sagekit


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