Sparkpaw (RPED by Mistybrook)

Rank: Apprentice
Appearance: Golden she-cat with ginger marbled tabby stripes. She has bright blind green eyes, and she has short, stubby fur.
Personality: She is mad at herself for being blind, and can totally take care of herself, but she does have a few soft spots. She isn't very patent, and is very snappy at times, but she is very smart. She also hates being alone, and is always around her brother, Tallpaw. Cats think that she has a power even though her brother has that power.
History: She is half NightClan, and half WhisperClan.
Family: Brother: Tallpaw, Mother: Dovefrost, Aunt: Blueshadow, Cousins: Rockkit, Minnowkit, Sweetkit, and Windkit.
Mentor: N/A


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