Rank: Warrior
Appearance: White she-cat with orange markings & green eyes.
Personality: Very kind and caring, could be a medicine cat, but hates being around sickness in any form. Has fiery and cynical moments, especially if she's not happy with her surroundings, and is quick to judge. She's always wanted kits, but she's waiting for the right time before having any. She's known to be somewhat flirtatious.
History: She was born to a rogue cat outside of NightClan although her father was a NightClan warrior. Times got tough and so just before her mother starved to death, she gave Song and her brother, Beetle, to NightClan for raising, where they were given apprentice names and trained to be warriors. Her brother was sick for a long period of time before her, though, so she became a warrior moons before him.
Family: Beetlepaw (brother), Unknown Cat(mother, deceased) Unknown Cat(father)


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