Snowstep (RPED by Phoenix Flight)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Snowstep is a snowy-white she-cat with one grey forepaw and a short, fluffy black tail. She has clouded, blind turquoise eyes with darker flecks in them. She has medium-length fur, and on her short tail and belly it's a lot softer than the rest of her pelt, which she always keeps well-groomed.
Personality: Snowstep is kind and gentle to cats younger than she is, but she is harsher to cats older than her. She hates when cats mention her blindness, and tries to hide the fact that she's blind to others but almost always fails. Snowstep is a relatively young warrior, and since she's blind, is slightly clumsy and uncoordinated, but she's learned how to get around just fine. When others offer assistance, she coldly refuses and storms away. She doesn't believe in StarClan, and thinks that all the tales about them are just lies told to make kits obey the code. She can't keep secrets, and is also a hopeless romantic. Snowstep is generally kind to others, but if they mention her blindness, that can and will change in a heartbeat.
History: She was born to two NightClan warriors, Cloudmist and Darksong. Her two littermates inherited to black fur of their mother, while Snowkit inherited their father's snowy-white pelt. Since they were born in leafbare, it was extremely cold, which resulted in one of the kits', Hailkit, death. Darksong, while distressed and upset, stayed strong and kept her family strong. When she was told at Snowkit was blind, Darksong thought that her kits were cursed, and she abandoned them, leaving the Clan shortly after. Cloudmist stayed and cared for the kits the best he could, but when the kits turned five moons old Darksong's other son, Echokit, died, leaving only Cloudmist and the blind Snowkit in the family. Cloudmist protected his surviving daughter more fiercely after that, always staying in the nursery with her. Snowkit was confused as to why, but didn't object. When she became an apprentice, Cloudmist demanded that she become a warrior, not a medicine cat. Stormstar agreed, and Snowpaw was apprenticed to a senior warrior who had trained a half-blind apprentice before. Snowpaw's training proved to be tougher than the warrior thought, and he gave up on her training. Snowpaw was apprenticed to another warrior, and then to Cloudmist, who taught her everything he could and attacks that could help her in fights. Training her was tough, though; in hunting, her white fur stuck out against the leaves and trees, and she almost always stepped on a twig. Eventually she became a warrior, just as Cloudmist was crippled by a rogue's ambush on him. Cloudmist moved to the elders' den, despite a lot of protesting. Snowstep was determined to be the best warrior she could be for him, and for her dead littermates.
Family: Cloudmist (father, alive); Darksong (mother, status unknown); Hailkit and Echokit (brothers, deceased)
Apprentices: N/A


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