Skylark (RPED by Cchen3)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Skylark was a black she-cat with white splotches across her fur and bright blue eyes. She had a black tail with a white tip while having white paws and a white belly.
Personality: She was an easy-going cat who loves to make friends. She's very energetic and tends to talk a lot more than she should. She's more optimistic than she is pessimistic, but that doesn't mean she's not negative sometimes. Her usually cheerful mood tends to be great company, unless the other cat doesn't like to hear babble. She hates to see other cats down, and she tries her best to cheer them up. Even if she doesn't know them or they're her "enemy", she'll always do something to attempt to cheer them up.
History: She was born to two rogues, cats she never knew, and was abandoned at a young age. She only knew that she was called "Sky", and she was found wandering near Nightlan territories before a patrol had found her and brought her to te Clan where Stormstar made her a Clan cat by the name of "Skykit". When she was an apprentice, she was teased a lot, and she was easily angered. She then attacked a tom she once loved, and ended up killing him. Luckily for her, a badger was nearby and attacked her so it looked liked the badger had dealt with the killing blow. After that, Skypaw pushed away all the hatred and anger she felt and became an optimistic cat. Ever since then, she's made more friends, but her past haunts her greatly.
Family: Two unknown rogue parents and maybe rogue siblings.
Apprentices: Electricpaw

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