Shiro (RPED by Tanglefrost101)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: Small white she-cat with amber eyes and a torn right ear.
Personality: Calm and quiet like her brother, but also very determined. She'll stand her ground and fight when she has to. She can be very stubborn when she wants to be. Shiro is also very protective of her family. She'll put everything on the line when she has to defend them. She doesn't take the loss of a family member well. She's starting to get a bit more adventurous and is always trying to change up her routine a bit. She absolutely loves kits and will take care of, or play with, any lost kit or a kit she finds. Shiro also loves to play matchmaker and is always trying to set two cats up, especially Kuro and Rose. She gets really excited while doing so. She is a very sociable cat. She loves to have a chat with any cat that passes by.
History: Left with her brother when he was cast out by the rogue group.
Family: Brother: Kuro


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