Shadowwind (RPED by Mystical Moonstone)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Shadowwind is a beautiful chocolate brown she-cat with pure golden eyes and white paws. She is slim, and quick on her paws, feeling most at home wandering the forest alone at night.
Personality: Very quiet, perceptive, and ambitious. Shadowwind is a talented fighter, but prefers stealthy ambushes to frontal attacks. She is quiet, and wears the night like a second pelt. She is not easily intimated, and when angered, retaliates fiercely. She is fiercely loyal, with a quiet determination, and would unflinchingly give up her life for her Clan.
History: As an apprentice, Shadowwind had one sister, Windpaw. Shadowpaw and Windpaw were best friends, and enjoyed roaming the forest together. Windpaw was as quick with her mind and her tongue as she was on her paws, and loved to speed through the forest. Shadowpaw was more quiet and stealthy, and when her sister was killed in a battle with rogues, she developed not only a deep hatred of rogues, but became more quiet and sedate, less likely to speak her mind. She took her warrior name, Shadowwind, in honor of her sister.
Family: Her only littermate, Windpaw, is dead, and her mother, Ivystar, is the retired leader of the Clan, so Shadowwind often feels like she has no family to speak of. She doesn't know who her father is, and feels a deep resentment that he left her mother. Her mate is Owlshade and though she won't always admit it, she is very attached to him.
Apprentices: None.



Shadowwind (drawn by Ninja)