Shadekit (RPED by Phoenix Flight)

Rank: Kit
Appearance: Short-furred, jet-black tom with pale green eyes. He has small paws, a long tail, and fox-like ears. The fur around his neck is thicker than the rest of his pelt.
Personality: Shadekit is cheerful about almost everything and he can act unbearably nice sometimes. He doesn't like being alone and will most likely be upset for a while before someone shows up. He is very energetic most of the time, and he hates having to stay still. Shadekit always has to have something to do, and when he doesn't have anything, he's pestering another Clan cat. He can sometimes become confused if a cat gives him a long lecture over something, but he is mostly very bright and intelligent. He is almost never sad, and he loves being happy. He doesn't know what a kittypet is, so when others taunt him about his past, he just responds cheerily. He has a special bond with Fernshade, seeing her as an older sister, and he would be devastated if she died.
History: Shadekit was formerly a kittypet until he was thrown out for some unknown reason. He wandered around cheerily, thinking that his owners would go to find him, but they never did. So clueless little Shadekit wandered across a patrol of NightClan warriors and followed them (not to mention his being annoying to them as he followed) back to camp where he wanted to remain. He wouldn't leave, and some of the queens and a few warriors convinced Stormstar to let Shadekit stay with the Clan. So Shadekit wanted to stay in the warriors' den. One of the queens told him that wasn't how the Clan worked, but Shadekit refused to budge. Shadekit was allowed to stay in the warriors' den for two nights until his talking got the warriors to complain to Stormstar. Shadekit was moved to the nursery, despite his protests. Later, he got kidnapped by a rogue named Banjo, who threatened to kill him if he didn't cooperate. Fernshade came to rescue him, but she got attacked, and her wound looked fatal. He ran back to camp and got Thornpelt and Thistlestorm to help Fernshade.
Family: His mother is a kittypet, his father is a rogue. His siblings are kittypets.
Mother: Unknown kittypet.



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