Shadedsun (RPED by Bramblefire3118)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Slender, sleek-furred, skinny black she-cat with dark amber eyes.
Personality: As being a former rogue, Shadedsun is used to getting on with cats in tricky situations. She is usually eager to help others, and willing to fight if necessary, unlike her brother, Frozenstream. However, when confronted with an enemy, Shadedsun can become very cunning, and she has a talent of fooling her enemy. She is talented at fighting, and doesn't mind border patrols as well. Shadedsun, on the other paw, is a very poor hunter, and she will avoid that task at all cost, even if it means picking the elders' ticks off them.
History: Shadedsun grew up as a rogue by the name of Solombra, abandoned by her parents. The cruel cats that surrounded her told her often that she was not theirs, and Solombra grew up with a lot of hate being centered around her. But one day, her life changed, when she met the white tom, Frozenstream, at the NightClan border. Through all the clues from the rogues that Solombra had been given, they unlocked Frozenstream's true past - which he didn't know about - and the two cats also realized that they were littermates. Desperate to spay with her littermate, Solombra left her rogue life to join NightClan, and she was renamed Shadedsun. Shadedsun is still adjusting, but without the help that Frozenstream gave her, she wouldn't have been at her current point at this point in time. Solombra means 'shaded sun' in another language, which is slightly ironic as her name is now Shadedsun.
Family: Mother: Blanche (deceased), Father: Corvus (deceased), Brother: Frozenstream (living)
Apprentices: none


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