Sari (RPED by Cchen3)

Rank: Rogue
Appearance: Sari is a light brown tabby she-cat with bright green eyes. She has darker brown tabby markings in her flank and dark brown rings lining her tail. She has white paws, chest, and underbelly.
Personality: Sari is fiercely loyal to herself and her thoughts. She says what she likes and she's not afraid to challenge others. She hates the Clan with passion. She's constantly rude, and doesn't believe in friends. Nothing she says is ever nice, and she pushes herself, and other allies hard. Sari is believed to have a cold heart, with no space for love and care.
History: Sari used to be nice and caring, with friends of her own. When her beloved sister died from a vicious battle against NightClan, Sari realized that she couldn't rely on others. She then found out that her Clan friend had killed her sister, and she abandoned the thoughts of having friends. Sari then found pleasure in hurting others, and the coldness of her pain and fear has hardened her to what she is now. The only "friend" or true ally she has is her last brother, Raji.
Family: All dead except for her last brother, Raji.


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