Sagilt (RPED by Spottedstar02)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: Black tom with violet eyes and dark grey spots and a white tuft of fur on his chest.
Personality: Sagilt lives to con others. It's one of the only things he can do, to be honest. His personality changes depending on who he's talking to. If he thinks that being energetic will help him in his lie, he'll pretend to be energetic, or whatever he needs to do. But, his actual personality is one of an easily annoyed cat that is heavily sarcastic, and arrogant.
History: Born in a small band of rogues, Sagilt was doomed from the start. When he he was 5 moons old, the rogue band, that considered themselves the rightful rulers of the forest, were crushed in a sneak attack by another rogue band. Luckily for Sagilt, his rogue band lived near a stream and was good at swimming. He jumped in the small stream and found himself far enough away to relax. He had nothing. It's a miracle that he survived, having little to no hunting skills. Maybe his rivalry with the strange cat helped him learn. Either way, he survived. He took to conning clan cats to get what he wanted, as they had more resources than a lone cat. Sagilt struck a deal with them, to let him enter and leave the camp as long as he had something that made it worth their time. They offered him a spot as a warrior, but he refused. Why be buckled down to something when you could instead be free and get more benefits? So, he continues to be an asset to the clan, even though he's getting more out of the relationship.
Family: Dead


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