Rose (RPED by Jetfeather)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: She's a light-grey she-cat with blue eyes.
Personality: She is very emotional and is easily worried and stressed. She gets attached to others quite easily, and is very compassionate and understanding. She loves kits, because she has a desire to become a mother, but she doubts herself, and is worried that it will never happen. She has low self esteem and is very negative when it comes to things like her appearance. She's always worrying about whether somecat likes her and gets offended if they don't without good reason. She also has severe trust issues, which she has had all her life, but can't remember why.
History: Like Lavender, she also was a kittypet, but her owner died. When she became a loner, she met and befriended Lavender and they became travelling companions. She understands why Lavender left, but is lonely on her own. She has severe trust issues because she was abused by her parents.
Family: No official family, but she counts Lavender as her sister.


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