Riversong (RPED by Whitefeather09)

Rank: StarClan Warrior
Appearance: Riversong is a pretty, lithe, slender silvery-blue tabby she-cat with small white paws, white chest mark, black ear and tail tip, and bright blue eyes.
Personality: Riversong is happy and optimistic, never looking on the dark side, and very compassionate. She's sorta like a grief counselor, and is always one to talk to for your troubles. Riversong doesn't wish to be in the spotlight, ever, and prefers to be in the behind-the-scenes. She would never dare to hurt a hair on any animal (unless it's prey), and isn't exactly good at fighting.
History: Riversong was born as Riverkit with two siblings, Mistkit and Stonekit, from Stormheart and Brindlefur. She was raised extremely well cared for and was a tad bit spoiled, but nonetheless happy. She was a bit like the highlight of NightClan, since she didn't mind cleaning the elders' den, and always made every cat happy. When she earned her warrior name, Riversong, she was extremely excited and proud of herself. The next day, she decided to do a lone hunting patrol, and while chasing a fat vole, she ran onto the Thunderpath. A huge monster crept up, and she didn't see the monster in time. Riversong was found by the dawn patrol, and she didn't make it.
Family: Stormheart (Father, status unknown). Brindlefur (Mother, status unknown), Stonebriar (Sister, alive), Mistpelt (Brother, alive)
Death: Run over by a monster


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