Redflower (RPED by Tanglefrost)

Rank: Elder
Appearance: Reddish-brown she-cat with specks of grey in her pelt due to old age. She has green eyes, and slightly darker red marking at the top of her head and on her tail.
Personality: Redflower is calm and collected and knows how to handle a crisis. She tends to bottle up her anger rather than let it show. She has a warm exterior and rarely says a bad word about anyone. She doesn't like fighting, and is somewhat a pacifist. She believes everything should be solved with talking rather than fighting. Redflower gets along well with most cats, but despises anyone who is a bully, and will stand up for those being bullied. She is very protective of her close friends and family, much to her son, Sandfeather's, annoyance.
History: Redflower was Clan-born and spent her days as a Warrior. When she was a young warrior, she was forced to watch her father die in front of her during a rogue attack, something which still haunts her to this day. She had kits of her own, one of which died of greencough at a very young age, which prevented her from having kits ever again. She now lives as an elder, with the events of her life still haunting her.
Family: Mother: Deceased, Father: Deceased, Son: Sandfeather


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