Ravenpaw (RPED by Breezefeathers)

Rank: Apprentice
Appearance: Ravenpaw is a sleek black she-cat with icy blue eyes. Has nose the color of blood and very narrow eyes.
Personality: She is fierce tempered and very spiteful to anyone really. There's only a few cats she has any respect for, Moutainpaw, Briarpaw,  Flickerpaw,  all the elders, and Turtleheart. Other than that, she uses nasty words and bitterness as a booster against senior warriors, the deputy, and even Stormstar!
History: Ravenpaw was born to Fox and Cinders, two evil rogues. They killed Ravenpaw's siblings upon birth, but Ravenpaw managed to escape and was welcomed to NightClan. She was very bitter to everyone, but made a good friendship with Briarpaw and Turtleheart. She always goes to the elders for advice when she's upset, and she has a very big crush on Moutainpaw and Flickerpaw.
Family: Mom: Cinders, Dad: Fox, Siblings: Fire and Jagged
Mentor: None


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