Raji (RPED by Cchen3)

Rank: Rogue
Appearance: Raji is a jet black tom with icy blue eyes.
Personality: Unlike his sister, Raji has a kinder heart. He's ready to forgive, though he's unwilling to forgive those who has harmed his friends. He is desperate to avenge his sister's death, and protects Sari at all costs. He hates to see his friends harmed, and after his sister's death, he became more unstable. Sari thinks that he would break if someone else he cared about died. He's quiet and reserved and doesn't like to talk much, leaving his sister to deal with all the talking.
History: Raji knew the Clan warrior pretty well, and when his sister was killed, he attempted to murder that warrior. He was captured by NightClan, but Sari freed him afterwards. From then on, he protected Sari with a fierce loyalty, though his mind grew more unstable. He never went anywhere without his sister after that, and the two stayed close.
Family: All dead except for his last sister, Sari.


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