Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Blue-gray tabby with a silver muzzle, a torn ear, lithe body, and scratches down her flank. She has gray stripes on her back. She is small and not very strong, but quick and witty.
Personality: Sweet, caring, loyal, smart, clever, witty, quick, shy
History: Is a reincarnation of an ancient Stoneteller (Now dead, original name was Rain that Splashes in Shallow Pool). Her knowledge of herbs made her want to become a medicine cat. When her mentor, Willowshade, found out about Rainpaw's true past, she told her. Outraged, Rainpaw was assigned the name Rainpool and became a warrior. However, with a slight trace of medicine cat still living in her, StarClan told her that she had a great power. She was confused and uncertain from then on, but she was still a good fighter, but to this day, she still has not noticed her powers.
Family: None


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