Rainpath (RPED by The Unknown Afterlife)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Rainpath is a calico tom, which rarely if ever happens normally. His fur is rather long, but his body is fairly lean, with little muscle or fat on it. His eyes are a cool sky blue. His voice is always a quiet, somehwat shaky tone.
Personality: Rainpath is extremely quiet when it comes to daily life - when he does talk, his voice is quiet anyways. He is a rather happy-to-be-alive warrior, in fact, he enjoys being around others and when he feels like it, can be very affectionate and loving. But the downside of this is that he isn't the strongest, and he's poor at speaking to others, unless they're alone or in a tiny group.
History: Rainpath was born a loner, as many are, and kinda got in how everyone else got in. His life as a 'paw was pretty bad, suffering being an outcast and called the runt of the entire forest. He became a warrior at 11 moons, a little too early.
Family: Parents are loners, possibly dead
Apprentices: none

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