This week is closed for RPing. Unless you must do urgent, last minute RPing, you may not RP here.

This is the second week of Quest 2! RP your cats in the comments to take them through this part of the quest. You must RP at least once.

For this week, the cats are finally leaving NightClan territory and beginning their investigation as to the whereabouts of the missing cats. The following things are what you can/should RP them doing.

  • Bonding with the other Quest cats(remember, they're going to have to work together a lot!)
  • Searching for clues.
  • Normal activities such as hunting, exploring, etc. (Just make sure not to stray too far from the group!)

Next week, we will be encountering some of our first obstacles, so be prepared. Happy roleplaying!

Note: I will roleplay all major Quest plot points in a special purple font. Please be sure to respond to one of these posts if you see one, as the most important events (i.e. fights, discoveries, major clues, etc.) will be roleplayed in this font. Thank you! 

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